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Wildlife Conservation Foundation is a registered Trust started in the year 2007, with the primary objective of saving wildlife species.

"Road kills of Wildlife is higher than poaching" road was closed for vehicular traffic because of our perceived project."

Identify key species of birds as bio indicator species for conservation object.

WCF is committed to ensuring that due recognition is given to the role of conservation through education as primary tool for wildlife conservation

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News on road kills of wildlife in NH67 & 212 gave way to banning traffic in both the roads - WCF perseverance.
Forest fire awareness for village youth group and farmers.
Save the Tiger

Tiger is endangered due to habitat loss, poaching and poisoning, snaring and illegal trade. India without tiger is hard to imagine. By saving the tiger we save the healthy forest that condenses clouds and give rain and tiger landscape acts as a sponge holding the rain water and percolate it to recharge underwater table and recharge our rivers. Finally give water to human life. 50 Tiger reserves in 17 Indian states protect around 4000 Tigers, Tiger landscape give birth to rivers that is our life’s subsistence. WCF takes shield measures to save tiger. Get involved in this work with us.

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They have important role to maintain balance in the ecosystem