Conservation Education

Education through nature camps increases public awareness and stake holding communities surrounding Bandipur. Focus on younger generation to conserve natural resources. Adopting schools and colleges to impel conservation actualities through field events builds a community of future recruits of green crew.

Save Tiger

Tiger is endangered due to habitat loss, poaching and poisoning, snaring and illegal trade. India without tiger is hard to imagine. By saving the tiger we save the healthy forest that condenses clouds and give rain and tiger landscape acts as a sponge holding the rain water like sponge and percolate it to recharge underwater table and recharge our rivers. Finally give water to human life. Around 1700 tigers roam in 17 indian states that give birth to rivers that is our life’s subsistence. WCF takes shield measures to save tiger. Get involved in this work with us.

Save Elephant

Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) is endangered due to habitat loss, home range split, corridor blockade and human population pressures pushing
them into human landscape to crop raid and fall bait to electrocution, thus elephant and humans both lose. Addressing ground actualities to farmers need copious field work. Building barriers farm land through electric fence (DC) evades elephants and profits farmers through yield and saves elephants. Education and awareness fall important as long term conservation efforts.

Forest Fire

A program that intends to attract people’s direct participation in protecting their forest. Fire engulfs anything which comes in its line, Once burnt the degraded land erodes during rain and washes the upper substrate, this soft alluvial soil to recoup back needs at least 30 years to yield the same richness of natural forestry that was omnipresent before Fire.